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Extra car keys are a good thing to have! Ask anyone that has lost or broken their only car key and they will agree! It is amazing how many people lose their only car key! Also, the keys get worn out from normal use until one day it doesn't work! We get several such calls everyday! Since the mid 1990's, (some cars much earlier), all manufacturers have begun a systematic implementation of the use of transponder technology in their keys, in an attempt to reduce auto theft. This has added more cost to the owner for key replacement. Each car maker tends to use different transponder technology in the keys they use, so one key can't be used in another car. Transponder keys have to be programmed into the car's computer so it will allow it to start. Many people refer to these keys as keys with a'chip'. Some make and models require a 're-flash' of the car's computer before new keys can be added, in the event of the loss of all keys. Others require the 're-flash' or immobilizer reset to merely add keys. It happens, also, that the chip gets damaged by merely dropping the key! Don't toss your keys, as they may hit the ground and crack the chip! Although this is not a common occurance, we see it often, because of the population. Get your extra car key now! Before it is too late!

In most cases, transponder keys can be cloned. This means that the 'chip' in the existing key can be copied and written onto a special cloning chip. This will only duplicate your key and will have the exact same electronic signature that the original key has. In this case, if you have the original key erased from the car's memory, then the cloned key will also be erased. Most cloning keys have an internal battery that will die after a number of years. We use the type of cloner that will clone the key permanently and has no battery. The cloning keys with batteries usually have a bit larger head. The cloning keys we use are as close to the original manufacturer's key as is possible. Sometimes cloning is a better solution to adding extra keys. Some cars cannot be cloned yet. In some cases, cloning is the only choice. If, for example, your car only allows 4 keys and you want more than 4 keys, then cloning will be necessary.

Making an extra key consists of one or two steps. For those older cars that do not use a transponder in the key, the second step is not necessary. For those models that have that 'chip' (transponder), a second step is necessary, which consists of copying the electronic portion of the key onto a cloneable transponder, or using a transponder key to program into the car's memory. There are several cloning transponders used. It is a small part that fits inside the plastic head of the key that allows the car to start.

The clone key will not have any remote control functions such as a key with the remote buttons built into the key. It is not always necessary to have the buttons integrated in the key. It is usually more of a convenience. For many models, the door key will arm and disarm the alarm. The clone key is merely an electronic copy of your existing key. The cloning machine will read the data from your original key and write it onto the cloneable transponder. One advantage of cloning is the fact that the mechanical portion of the key will eventually wear out and have to be replaced. If the key that is wearing out is a cloned key, you will save the cost of another cloneable transponder. Merely cut a new key shell and move the chip into that new key shell.

We do not merely duplicate your key. We measure your key and cut the new key based on the manufacturer's cut specifications. The time it takes to decode your key depends upon the wear of your key. If you've ever had a duplicate key made at your local store, you probably are aware that they can only copy the key you have, but are not capable of telling whether your key is worn out or not. Duplication machines will always add a small amount of error to the new key. It could be cut slightly shallower, or slightly deeper. When you get a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, that error will accumulate until the new key sticks or no longer works. The tolerances of ignition locks is only a few thousanths of an inch. The door locks are usually more tollerant. What usually happens is the key will still work in the door, but not so well in the ignition. Even if the new duplicated key seems to work, it is often reported that it starts to 'stick' not long afterward. This is why we do not merely duplicate your key. The keys we provide can be duplicated successfully at any reputable key maker shop.

Currently, no SAAB models can be cloned. All SAAB transponder keys must be programmed into the car's memory.

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